Our Ministry – Three Parts

Recently, we moved to Namibia to take up the role of Unit Leaders.  This job’s main responsibilities lie in caring for our members working there, as well as all the admin, work visa applications, reviews and such.  If there is a crisis or sudden need, it is our job to drop everything and help.    What a privilege to support those on the front lines administratively and with pastoral care.  Along with this, we will be networking with other ministries, evaluating the needs, creating personnel requests as needed, welcoming new workers and entertaining visitors and other AIM personnnel.  Kevin liases with the government and we will be working to establish what AIMs goals are in Namibia for the near and far future.

The second job belongs to Kevin, and that is the Alternative Theological Education Consultant for Southern Region.  AIM works in various countries in Southern Africa, and anything that is not a traditional Bible school or seminary is considered Alternative.  It will be his job to look at what is being done in Alt. Theo. and evaluate strengths and weaknesses.  He will be able to recommend to our personnel through the South what might work in their situations – which programs would fit cultural, economic, education levels, and other factors.

The third job is also Kevin’s, and that is keeping track of the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program that he started in Mozambique.  He turned that over to local leadership last year, and they have been doing a great job.  They will still need some support in various areas, and he’ll be visiting annually to spend several weeks with them, as well as communicating regularly for accountability and encouragement.

Here’s some of the guys working in TEE in Moz – faithful servants who work for no pay.  Pray for them, for God’s blessing, provision and vision for expanding the program.