How to Give

If you would like to give financially to our ministry, you have a few options.   Click on  and use the snail mail information, or click on “online giving”



1.  Give to our Monthly Support (under “Missionaries USA”, “Zwart Support”)

As a one-time gift or regular monthly gift, funds sent to us pay our salary, housing, and all the other expenses necessary to keep us on the field.  We don’t receive a “normal” salary, but what people give monthly.

1.  Give to the TEE project  (Under “Projects”, “Moz TEE SR-MOZ-133-U”)

This fund has a large amount already in it to pay for the new building that will go up next year.  If you are interested in supporting the project please contact us to see what the current needs are.

3.  Give a personal gift.

If you’d like to give a non tax-deductible personal gift, send a check to AIM with a note designating it as a personal gift, or send us an email asking where to snail mail it.

Please feel free to contact us by email at if you need more information or have any questions.  Thanks!