About Us

Kevin, Cami, Toby and Benjamin Zwart worked in Northern Mozambique from 2007 to 2016, primarily with Theological Education by Extension.  TEE is a flexible, local alternative to Bible School which does not interrupt the learner’s productive relationships in his community.

The TEE students are from various denominations in the city of Nampula, and the program is now African-run.  In Mozambique, it is truly amazing to have seven church leaders from different denominations who work together, without pay, over years without falling to the wayside.  The program is continuing and Kevin will visit annually.

We’ve been married for 24 years now and have lived in five countries.  Kevin is from Connecticut and Cami from Florida.  We got missions degrees from Nyack College and earned our Master’s Degrees from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa in 2000, Kevin in Southern African Religions, and Cami in Old Testament Translation.  Toby was born in 2002 in New York, daughter Tabitha was born and died in 2004, and Benjamin was born in 2006 in Portugal, where we did language study for 14 months.

In September of 2016, we took up the new position of Unit Leaders for Namibia, and Kevin took up the secondary role of Alternative Theological Education Consultant for the Southern Region, which will involve some travel.  Toby moved to missionary kid boarding school at the same time to start high school, and Ben will homeschool this year and hopefully start at a private school next year.  Moving from Nampula, Mozambique (where we always spoke Portuguese) to Windhoek, Namibia (where most speak Afrikaans and English) is a big change and we are looking forward to all God has for us in our new role.