Family Fun

Well, after many months of busy-ness it was time for a little fun together, especially since our dear Toby came back to us at the end of November, arriving into the Johannesburg airport.  We stretched a two-day drive back to Windhoek into four days, stopping at the Fish River Canyon (second largest in the world, after the Grand Canyon), the Quiver Tree forest and seeing some cheetah’s get fed.

We had some time at home to get caught up and work on projects and office work, and then took off for 3 nights on the coast, camping at a backpacker’s.  It was great to slide down the enormous dunes, go on a desert tour, and enjoy the tv at the backpackers (to watch the Amazing Race!).    We also got to see the world’s oldest plant, the Welwitschia, which can live to be 2,000 years old.  How strange to look at that plant and think it will still be there long after we are dead.

We enjoyed seeing the Atlantic Ocean from this side, after seeing it from the “American side” so many times last year.  It is a COLD side over here, and we were surprised at how chilly the coast was in the middle of summer, with the sun shining.  We definitely didn’t bring enough warm clothes.   On the way back to Windhoek, we stopped to see the seal colony where the Portuguese first landed in the 1400s, and then at the ancient Bushman paintings.  We also fit in a visit to the game park north of here, where we met dear friends who drove all the way over from Mozambique to meet up with us.  It was GREAT.

Back home, the kids were instructed to set up our tent and clean it, but found it difficult with two Great Danes who felt they ought to be lying on top of it.  Those dogs are heavy and hard to shift!

It was fun to show Toby our new city, and we managed a couple of hikes and other outings around our other responsibilities.  Toby enjoyed sleeping in most days, and was very helpful with painting and other house projects – he is headed for adulthood but still enjoys being spoiled by mom and dad.  We were pretty happy to oblige since we had missed him so terribly.  🙂 – C