Trekking North


Just a week after we took over leadership, we participated in the 3-day debrief of a departing AIM team, which was intense and exhausting.  From there, all of us drove 4 hours north to Grootfontein, the town we lived in 20 years ago, then 3 1/2 hours due east to “Bushmanland”.  There, we spent two days visiting the ministry site of this team and getting to know the local pastor.  This is the same people group that was in “The Gods Must Be Crazy” and the star of that movie is buried in the town we visited.  Their beautiful clicking language is like music.  Here is a photo of Ben with some of the local boys, who were friendly with him.  Many of these folks still go out to gather food in the bush, and the men go out to hunt.  There are a variety of small villages clustered around the town.  It is not an ideal existence, however, and the people struggle with issues which I can’t go into here.  Some of our personnel will return to work there and hope to come alongside in ways which will build up the quality of life both spiritual and physical.  Meanwhile, we were honored to receive names from some members of the group, and a warm welcome despite our short visit.  We plan to return in January, but it is going to be VERY hot up there in that desolate place!  It looks desolate to us, but of course not to the people who live there and know how to manage the environment.  We are looking for wisdom from above on how to move ahead there . . . it is complicated and we want to give God’s best for the people in that location. – C