This is What We Do a Lot Of


This is what we do a lot of – as in sitting at a computer working, not goofing around with silly grins.  A great deal of our new job as Namibia Unit Leaders is emailing, correspondence, bill paying, reports and other exciting things like that.  The first week in the office (and this is not our office, by the way, but rather us working in the Joburg office) was a flurry of responding to some crises, getting caught up on situations and hurried conferences to discuss issues.  We feel like we are beginning to get a handle on the admin stuff though, and think it will take up less of our time as the months go by.  All of the bill paying is now done online, we know where to find the files and what the schedules are of when things are due.  Namibia field does not have a lot of personnel, so we will be able to spend more time connecting and supporting them rather than just trying to keep everybody legal, accountable and up-to-date on paperwork.  That is a big plus.  Meanwhile, this is the first time we’ve worked together in a long time!  Years ago in Namibia we worked together.  While we lived in New York State we both worked for the same nonprofit (in different jobs) off and on but since then we’ve had very different roles.  Thankfully we are enjoying it and it is so neat to see how each of our strengths holds up the other’s weakness, as well as how fun it is to brainstorm together, discuss problems and decide things.  There has been very little of wanting to shake the other by the neck, and more often high-fiving as we both come to the same conclusion at the same time.  Thanks, God!  He is blessing us as we try to bless others and I am sure learning a lot from my wise husband and hope he can say the same. – C