Some New Stuff

JpegSome of you remember that we sold our grey Toyota Hilux in Mozambique, and here is a photo of our new truck in Namibia – again, a Toyota Hilux.  This one is a few years newer but was still cheaper than the one in Moz.  Vehicles are expensive there.  It has a metal cap on the back which locks securely – not good for transporting people, but great for keeping things safe when we travel.  God truly provided this truck, from a trustworthy dealer for a good price.


Another big new purchase (not as big or as expensive) is Pepper, our new Great Dane puppy.  She was 8 weeks old in this photo but now, at 3 months old, is already over 40 pounds.  She is also referred to as “the intern” or “the pain in the behind”.  She chews poor Molly’s tail and just generally harasses her constantly.  She has a calm temperament for a puppy, though, and will be the gentle giant that Great Danes are.  Molly is getting elderly and needs a replacement who is well-trained. When Pepper is not tearing up the yard, she is adorable.  – C