The Big Sort

A houseful of stuff – it’s all gotta go!  When we left Moz last August, almost all of our belongings were packed up into the shipping container that sits right in front of the house.  When we returned in mid-July, every item had to be gone through and a decision made.  Sell?  Give away?  Throw Away?  Send to Kenya?  Send to Namibia?

1469458250774Some things were easy to let go, but there were a great many items that I held in my hands and made me remember.  Little boys playing in the back yard, happy Christmas mornings, a precious find in a dingy shop, the big score at another missionary’s garage sale.   Here’s a photo of the boys going through all of our children’s books – four footlockers full!  Many of the book series belonged to Toby and were duly packed up to ship to Namibia.  However, the end I had to get strict with the kids – only 10 “little kid” books each could be chosen to ship.  It was hard to see a lot of those go but we were glad to be able to donate them to two libraries where we know they will be read often.

I spent hours in the container, opening boxes and pricing items as I stacked them against the far end.  It was surprisingly hard to let go of my kitchen things, which had been carefully collected over the years until I had a fully functioning kitchen.  I think it took me 5 years until I had what I needed – items had been purchased from others who were leaving, given to me by friends, bought on trips into South Africa or brought back from the USA, or arrived in packages sent by our parents.  There was a particular blue plastic bowl that was much admired by people who came over to the house for dinner, though it was only some cheap bowl from Walmart.  But in Nampula, it was really something special!  1471019550308In the end, everything was ready for the big garage sale.

What a day – it was a madhouse.  Some particularly unattractive qualities were displayed by a number of folks, but most of our shoppers were pleased with their purchases and glad to go out with their treasures.  It was fun to see who bought what, and I was especially glad to see our furniture put to use in other people’s houses.  A family with young children bought our bunk bed and I saw it online recently – their two little cuties sitting in front of the bed where I had tucked up my cuties many a night.  1471084000020I’m glad to see it is serving someone else.  I’ll still miss my things, I’m sorry to say.  One does get attached, especially when it is difficult to procure the items you really need.  I am grateful, however, that I was allowed to have those things for a season of time and that God continues to provide what we need even as we start fresh in Namibia. – C