Goodbye to Toby

Well, the time we were dreading at the end of the time we were dreading finally arrived – after saying goodbye to our friends in Mozambique, to our dogs and to our house and possessions, and then to Mozambique itself, we said goodbye to Toby.  1471717404346

There are many who don’t understand our decision to send our oldest away to boarding school in another country.   It can be hard to explain to those who are not walking in our shoes.  Suffice it to say, we believe it is for the best, and so does Toby.  In the months leading up to departure, we spent a lot of time preparing the things he would need, packing suitcases full of clothes, soccer shoes, sheets and school supplies.  We also talked a lot about what it might be like, though neither of us has ever been to boarding school.

Whenever we encountered people who know his school, we’d ask questions and listen to their stories, which were always positive.  We became more convinced that this was the place for him to have opportunities and grow in ways we could not provide for him.

But, in the end when we had to unpack his bags in his dorm room and walk away, it was really hard.  Our prayer is that his time at school will help him to grow spiritually as well as academically – we of course think he is already an amazing person, but there is more for him to learn before he’s ready to launch into the world.  He’ll be home at the end of November – to a new home! – for a month of school break.  Thanks for praying for him – C