This and That

Throughout our busy travels over the last few months, there have been some major issues swirling around in our minds.  The process of getting our Namibian visas has been at the forefront, and we’ve been working on the paperwork of that for some time, starting with renewal of the kids’ passports.  All of the paperwork has been sent in, and now we pray that they are approved!

Second, the issue of our funding has been a concern.  We have been underfunded for quite awhile, and have limped along.  However, AIM’s policy is to not send such people back out the field (a good idea!) and we realized that time was running out to bring up our numbers.  We sent out a newsletter and asked people to pray, and the funds came in just in time!  We had set a deadline of June 5th to make the decision to delay our return or not, and on June 3rd, we got the go ahead to buy tickets.  What a relief!  Finances is always something we hate to talk about, and yet without them we can’t live and work overseas.  We feel so grateful to all who sacrifice so that we can do this work.

Toby’s entrance to Rift Valley Academy was approved in April, and with it came a rush of emotions.  Relief that this was an option, joy that he has this opportunity, and sadness that he will be separated from us for months at a time.  With the approval came a long list of things he needs to do, and clothes and supplies he will need, and we have been working on checking those off.  We will stop at RVA in Kenya on our way back to Mozambique to see it (only Kevin has been there) and drop off his luggage.

We had to apply for tourist visas to enter Mozambique for a variety of reasons, so Kevin has been working on getting all the paperwork in for that.  We hope to receive them this week (especially since we fly out in 8 days!).

And then there are the details on that side . . .  purchase of household goods from departing missionaries in Namibia, planning to sell our car in Mozambique and buy in Namibia, planning to sell our household goods in Moz, arranging renters for the AIM house there, etc.

Then there is the shopping . . . made more complicated by being on a tight budget.  I think I have hit every thrift store in Ohio and Connecticut, along with clearance racks at outlets in 5 states.  We can buy clothing overseas, but it is more expensive and quality is poor unless you spend a lot.  Toby must be outfitted for at least 2 years, and we’ve made a start on Ben.  Shoes purchased that must last, homeschool curriculum for next year, medicines and other small things.  We are thankful that we can ship some things to Namibia rather than dragging them to Kenya, Moz, South Africa and then to Namibia.  Anyway, the logistics of a move overseas, and then to another country can be daunting.  Do we buy and ship the socket wrenches from here, or bring the ones we already have in Moz?  Or sell those and buy in Namibia?  We aren’t sure of the shipping options from Moz to Namibia yet, which complicates matters.

I don’t list these things to complain – they must be done!  And we are often delighted by how God smooths the way for us.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to take deep breaths, though, especially when some detail suddenly becomes complicated.  As the time passes and the lists are checked off, we feel weary but grateful. – C