The Hardest Part

Coming up in the next days is the hardest part of living overseas  . . . saying goodbye to our families.  We are blessed to have parents and siblings who support us wholeheartedly.  We see other field workers struggle with very different situations.  However, it is still hard to hug that loved one goodbye, knowing it may be 4 years before you see them again.  Saying goodbye to elderly relatives is another zing to the heart.  Particularly difficult is to put my children into the car after watching them say goodbye to their grandparents.  Sometimes this seems to almost too hard to bear, and I  have to trust that God will provide what each needs as they are separated.  As much as we are privileged to serve overseas, we are also very aware of the sacrifices that are made.  And not just by us.  We appreciate your prayers for us and for our families as we say our farewells. – c