Other Fun Things We’ve Done

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One of the things I love about the USA – seemingly endless opportunities to go and do interesting things!  We’ve visited the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and many other famous places.  One of the highlights of the fall was the beautiful foliage, which I marveled at from many a car window or hiking trail and eventually from my own living room window in Connecticut.  The smell of the fallen leaves brought back many memories, and we commented that we hadn’t realized how much we missed the autumn.  Seemed we couldn’t drink it in enough.  Another memorable event was the Paul Baloche worship concert at our church.  In Mozambique, we never see anything like that!  Kevin and Toby also attended a very LOUD concert by Rend Collective and were practically blasted out of their seats but returned exhilarated.  1452804207123Every chance we get, we drag the kids off to some interesting (and free!) event or display, like a huge lego display at a nearby museum.

And then there are the simple things, like the kids being able to ride around on my parent’s ATV on the farm (yes, Toby is backwards in this photo), or on a lawn mower, or go down a waterslide or on a hiking trail.  The public parks here in the USA seem incredible to us.  You have to understand that in Mozambique there is no place to be outdoors like that.  We have enjoyed being outdoors in the evenings, taking car trips without packing food to take with us, walking around in our neighborhood without being stared at, going to church in English and sending the kids to Sunday school.   We have been enjoying all of this immensely!  IMG_5299

Despite all that, the kids still talk about going home to Mozambique and talk about their house and dogs, and seeing their friends.  We have a life there that is rich in other ways. – C