Going on Tour

1452804352843One of the main reasons we are here in the USA this year is to visit our individual and church supporters to update them and report.  Last furlough, we spent several weeks putting together a beautiful brochure, a nice video, a display board and other materials.  By the time we settled in one place and began work on our materials this time, however, there was only a week to go before some major church visits!  Kevin and I sat and looked at each other helplessly, both too tired to pull out all the stops for new materials.  We were thankful that we had prayer cards done, and our old display board was still in good condition.  Here’s a photo of it while we were in process with updating it.   I wish I had kept a list of all the places and people we visited in November and December – there were a lot!  On one trip, we had 4 meetings in 3 towns in 3 days.  Those kind of visits are always tiring, but what ALWAYS stands out to us is how kind people are to us.  One supporter invited us for a delicious lunch with her family, and as I thanked her before we left, she replied “No, thank YOU for going.”  It brought tears to my eyes.  It is a privilege to go, but there are sacrifices involved and it is encouraging to spend time with the many people who make it possible and who are praying for us.  The kids do great with the visits, well-trained by now in shaking hands, telling a little bit about their lives, and smiling for the group.  They get an awful lot of treats along the way, and agree that they don’t suffer too much.  Plus people really enjoy seeing them – so much bigger than five years ago!

There is so much I could say about visiting churches, all of it mostly centered around the theme that we feel so privileged to go out and represent the dear believers in them.  We usually depart feeling very loved and acutely aware that we probably fall short in many ways, not because of anything they say to us, but because they treat us with such kindness and favor!  -C