While I go on about all of our journeys, meetings, homeschooling and fun, back in Mozambique the ministry is continuing.  We have been so grateful to a fellow missionary for facilitating Skype meetings with the monitors from time to time, and it is always strange to start speaking Portuguese again, and to give the standard greetings that we gave on a daily basis in Moz but now never say to anyone here.IMG_1240

We have been so encouraged by the steadiness of the TEE program!  On our last furlough, the program was still very young and faltered significantly while we were away.  This time, however, we hear good things from the monitors (and outside observers) about the strength of the program and the number of students attending classes. Praise God!!  This is an amazing answer to prayer.  Perhaps to most Americans, this wouldn’t be a surprise, but in the culture in Nampula it is very difficult to get strong, steady leaders.  And all of this for no salary!   We are beyond thankful that what has been slowly and thoughtfully built is remaining steady. – C