Wow, December is busy over here!  Normally at this time of year, we are attending the kid’s end of term program and packing up the car for our annual trek to Malawi just before the rainy season hits.  Instead, we were schooling, meeting with people, trying to spend time with family, and discussing (seemingly endlessly) our future in the next few months as well as years.  A real shock to me was all the stress around gifts.  In Mozambique, I have to plan months ahead for gifts for the kids and Kevin, having them shipped out.  If they haven’t arrived by early December, they get opened when we return at the end of the month.  In December, I am leisurely wrapping the few gifts!  Here, I was frantically shopping until the day before Christmas.  Of course, it was a real luxury to be able to run out to the stores and actually find something worth giving; that wouldn’t happen at home.1452804148344

We tried to take advantage of the things to see and do, visiting local “Christmas houses” and taking the train into NYC to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.  1452804125646


However, the best parts about Christmas were attending church at Kevin’s home church (where I also have visited for 25 years now) and being with family for Christmas Day.  We built up a wealth of memories to last us for the many years we will not with with them for the holidays. – C