50th Wedding Anniversaries

Can you believe that both sets of our parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversaries this year?  We were so thankful to be able to celebrate with both sides of the family in September and October in vacations together.




So many years go by between our family get-togethers that they are super special.  That’s kind of a cheesy thing to say, but when at least 4 years go by, and in the case of Cami’s family 11 1/2 years, it is WONDERFUL to sit at a table together and be able to look into the face of each dear person.

20151015_115200It is also very important that the kids get to see their relatives and really feel that they are part of a bigger family.  It was really fun to watch them enjoy that, and be loved by people who have known them their whole lives.  The picture at left is missing Cami’s younger sister, who is taking the photo, but otherwise the photos contain all of our parents, brothers and sisters and their spouses, and nieces and nephews.  -C