Preaching Seminar

IMG_4613 That is, Homiletics.  That is the fancy word for how to preach.  Many of the pastors and church leaders have no formal training, so Kevin offered this seminar to the TEE students (many of who do preach on a regular basis) as an opportunity to learn how to preach from a passage of Scripture and bring the truth of it out in a way others can understand.  This is a skill that people take for granted in the country we come from, but is in very short supply here.  IMG_4614Kevin will never forget the time he attended a church and heard a sermon about how Noah and his family threw poo from the ark at the people on the shore.
What?  I’ve heard plenty of sermons that seemed to have no point at all, lurching from verse to verse with explanations that were completely out of context.  Often, too, sermons are used as a tool with which to bludgeon church members in some way or another.  Proper teaching on IMG_4619how to teach can be tremendously helpful, and many of the attendees expressed a “wow!” kind of attitude as the information was given, and after the seminar.  Kevin taught for many hours in Portuguese – exhausting!  However, it was much appreciated and we trust will have effects in the local churches for years to come.  Meanwhile, I helped two other ladies cook the meal – grilled chicken, beans, cabbage salad and the stiff porridge that is eaten daily called xima (sheemah).  – C