Life of an MK

IMG_4620 Here’s a couple of photos that show the daily life of a missionary kid.  One chore?  Filling water bottles from the filter, which Ben can combine with reading a book.  We can’t drink water out of the tap and brought a high-quality water filter with us when we came out 8 years ago.  IMG_4537The filters inside are changed occasionally, but scrubbed down more often to clean off the nasty goop that accumulates on them (but doesn’t go into our water).

Do your children spend too much time watching TV?  You wouldn’t have that problem here!  There just isn’t much on – and anyway, Ben’s language skills are not good enough for him to understand much of the fast-talking Portuguese onscreen.  Occasionally he’ll sit down and watch for a few minutes, but there isn’t much to attract him (or us).  We’ve chosen not to get cable TV and make do with International News from the internet.  I think I took this photo because it shows a prosperity gospel preacher from Nigeria. . . this variety of Christianity is on tv a lot but has not taken hold much here in Mozambique – people are too poor!  – C