Fiel Conference

IMG_4788IMG_4804Fiel Conference is eagerly anticipated every year by local pastors, and is attended by over 300 pastors and their wives.  We attend every year, along with most of the monitors, who are sponsored by someone every time.   The biggest highlight is the biblical teaching, provided by speakers who are usually brought in from Brazil and the USA, though this year we were glad to see a Mozambican local pastor presenting one of the sessions.  IMG_1241A donor provided funds for each of the monitors to buy a number of books, and they were very happy to browse and buy in the bookstore set up in one of the conference rooms – the books are subsidized by the organization and come at low prices.

I enjoyed hanging out with the monitor’s wives and some other ladies, and really felt included for the first time –IMG_4794 probably because I can now speak some Macua, which is the language they almost always use together.
I was glad to translate for one of the ladies’ sessions, from English to Portuguese, though found it quite a challenge to do it “off the cuff” with no preparation.  It is always an intense 4 days  for everyone, and we are thankful for the many months of work that is put in to present this conference, the only one of its kind in Northern Mozambique. – C