IMG_4589We are so pleased to be part of a church that baptises new believers regularly.  On this particular day, nine people publicly professed their faith after having attended classes at church to teach them the Bible truth of what they were professing.



IMG_4563Here is a photo of all the church members who attended to encourage the new believers.  It was a big outing, requiring a walk to the meeting place, a ride in the back of a truck, a long walk down to the river, a wait while someone checked to make sure there were no crocodiles around (yes, that is necessary!), the baptisms, the walk back to the truck, and then transport to a house where refreshments had been prepared to celebrate lunch together.  This young man being baptised had been on journey into the bush with Kevin the year before, and expressed a lot of fear about evil spirits in that area.  We are thankful that he is choosing to find courage in his faith now.  – C