We are Delayed

Here is an email I sent out tonight to our prayer partners and I though I ought to post it here on the blog for those of you who follow us here, as it has important news.  We were trying to decide whether to delay our mid-July departure and have indeed decided to delay until nearer the end of August:

Dear praying friends – thank you so much for the emails some of you send encouraging us and letting us know that you are praying for us.  It was a few VERY stress-filled days  of going back and forth on what we should do (especially since I am in Canada and Kevin in Ohio and we had to do all our communicating by email and Skype!).

The decision is that we will delay.  We certainly could have “made it” and departed on June 9th but it would have meant a great deal of stress for both of us, a less-than-ideal housing situation on arrival, and that I would arrive in Moz with a back that is still very sore.  I have seen almost no progress at all on the healing in several weeks because there has just not been time to rest.  There were some other small issues as well, and now that the decision is made we feel “Phew!” tremendously.  Kevin’s headache has disappeared and I don’t feel like smoke is coming out my ears.

 Things just weren’t coming together, and we are thankful that God has led us to make this decision.  It is certainly hard for us to “give up” and not “be tough” and get back in the timing we originally planned, but His ways are not our ways.  And we are thankful that often, he leads us gently and not in the pell-mell fashion that we tend to pursue. 

Change of plans will mean that our boys’ visas will expire (since we were out of the country too long) and that our visa costs on return will be over $2,200 instead of the $1,400 that we planned on.  God will provide these funds – join us in asking Him to provide them well ahead of time.  It also means that we will lose the “accrued years”‘ on our visas which would have counted toward an eventual residence visa.  This is a real down side.  We must also start over in the visa process and apply for new ones here in the USA to enter Moz.  Plenty of time to do that, but there are costs and police clearance letters and such , all needed.  We also need to make decisions on WHEN exactly we will go. 

 Likely the kids and I will stay at the Ohio family farm until end of July, with Kevin staying with us there until mid-July, when he will return to CT.  Due to the generosity of a friend, the kids and I have free tickets to fly from Ohio to Hartford whever we need to, so that will not be a problem.

 Thank you for praying.  We wonder what God has for us in this time of being “stalled”.  Please continue to pray that as I rest in Ohio my back will be completely healed and I am ready to return to Moz.  We see no obstacle to that except too much activity.

 With love and thanks,

Cami and Kevin