Leaving Blackrock

Well, the goodbyes have started.  I (Cami) flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma last week to say goodbye to a dear aunt and uncle.  I returned on Friday, and on Sunday it was time to say goodbye to all the dear people at BlackRock church who have supported us, prayed for us, and loved us from a distance for many years, and from up close since mid-February.  To say we are sorry to leave is a tremendous understatement.  Here’s a photo of the amazing house we lived in since mid-February, which we enjoyed tremendously.  It was soooo roomy and comfortable, and it was hard to leave knowing that we are moving into a teeny tiny house back in Moz!  As we sat in our last Sunday service there, we both couldn’t stop the tears, though we looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing at how much we kept crying.  What a privilege it has been to hear good teaching, be part of a weekly small group, and meet so many people who love Jesus and it shows in their lives.  In particular, it was hard to say goodbye to our Portuguese teacher, Odette, who every Wednesday for months came to our house (often with dinner for us in hand) and helped us work through our Portuguese grammar questions.  She showed us so much love and compassion, a true sister in Christ whose heart melded with ours.  Other heart-ripping experience were saying goodbye to the Missions pastor and Missions Secretary, Larry and Dawn, who have been our lifeline to BlackRock for the last years, who have believed in us and prayed for us and reminded us that we are loved and supported.  While we were at BRCC, they encouraged us and we will miss them tremendously.  And then there were several families who we really enjoyed spending time with and had heart connections, and I think I spent most of Sunday morning weeping in various corners of the church lobby.  Sheesh!  The hardest part though, was watching Toby say goodbye to his closest friend, Porter.  He cried for hours and his sadness was hard to watch.  Although my sadness at saying goodbye to another girlfriend was probably just as strong, as a child I think it is even harder.  I would ask all of you to re-read the page I’ve posted on our blog about “Third Culture Kids” (see index on the right-hand side) which talk about the mobile lifestyle of the MK and the hurts they experience in the many hellos and goodbyes.  I think it will encourage you to pray for our kids as they go through the transitions of the next weeks when they must say goodbye to dear family members and I anticipate a lot more weeping that will go on.  We appreciate your prayers for all of us as we say goodbyes.  It is hard, knowing that we will not see most of these folks for another 4 years. – Cami