Looks like we’re on our way!!!

Currently, our monthly support target is at 97%, so we believe that God will be sending us back to Mozambique in early July as originally planned.  Our residence visas expire on July 16th, and we must all be back in Nampula by then.  Praise God!!! We need about $150 more per month to put us at the 100% that AIM will release us at.  Meanwhile, we are looking at tickets and hope to book soon.

Cami had her back surgery April 26th and the neurosurgeon found the situation more serious than we originally thought, and was amazed that she was still so active (like being able to jog 4 miles) despite her back pain.  Now she has been in flat-out recovery quite a bit, doing therapy and trying to heal from this surgery, which takes a while to heal from.  We appreciate your prayer as she tries not to do too much, even while there is so much to be done!  This week, she flies to Oklahoma to see a sick relative while Kevin and the kids go to his parents for 2 days of visiting.  On Sunday, we’ll have our last sunday at our “home” church here, then start a road trip which includes visiting MD, DC, NC, SC, OH and a trip thrown in there to Canada for Cami to see her sisters (who are flying in from Hawaii and LA, and have paid for her ticket for their first sister get-together in 5 years).  Then, we’ll drive back from Ohio and have about a week in CT before hopefully flying off to Moz!

Meanwhile, we are packing up all of our belonging here in Fairfield and there are massive piles all over the house which must somehow be packed and organized by tomorrow night.  Cami’s mom is here to help and is keeping the boys very happy while cleaning like mad.  She is a Godsend, as is the airline friend who has provided the free tickets for this trip and the Oklahoma trip.  God has provided us with the digital projector we needed, the cameras, and various other items, and even a container being shipped out to Moz so we can ship all the books we want to take back.  We hope to include a mattress (can’t get a good one in Moz) and a treadmill for Cami’s health and healing.  We appreciate your prayers as we try to organize this (the container is in Missouri) and try to book our tickets back to Moz at a price that isn’t appalling.

Meanwhile, Toby is so excited to return to Moz.  I think the goodbyes will be terribly sad for him, though.  It is rough being a missionary kid sometimes, and we try to talk through all of it with him.  His last soccer game (with the local league) will be next Saturday, then we’ll be on the road seeing people he doesn’t really know until we have 2 1/2 weeks at the farm in Ohio where his neighbor friend Joe will keep him very happy indeed.  And Ben just graduated from preschool (in the cutest ceremony ever!!) and pretty much goes with the flow.  He just learned to ride his bike with no training wheels!

Kevin is hanging in there with his invalid wife and trying to keep her from doing too much, which is not an easy feat.  Some days we feel like we are going to lose it and the smoke is going to start coming out of our ears, but we are also trying to enjoy all the WONDERFULNESS of the green Connecticut summer and the great things about America.   We appreciate your prayers as we say many very sad goodbyes and try to arrange all the details of our departure. – C