What have we been up to?

Well, since I haven’t posted anything since Ben’s birthday in the beginning of March, we’ve had quite a lot going on.  Those of you who receive our newsletter know most of it, but as I look back over the past few months it is hard even for me to remember it all.  We’ve been ensconced here at the Black Rock missions house since mid-February, and what a blessing it has been.  We brought all the big boxes we had in storage, and I’ve been sorting through them.  Literally 6 feet of paper pile has been pitched out, and another two feet set aside to scan in digitally and then pitch.  We’ve decided that we need to downsize and have been assiduously ridding ourselves of unneeded things.  What is the point of leaving things in storage for years at a time?  That being said, we have saved some things.  We ripped pages out of high school yearbooks that we wanted to save, put aside a box of our dating love notes, and have saved a box of special baby clothes that the kids wore.  Wedding dress and suit have also been saved, and our photo albums.  Dear friends have put aside space for these things, as well as some furniture that is important to us.

Homeschooling continues, every morning, and that has seemed to dominate my life and Toby’s.  Spelling, times tables, Portuguese, handwriting.  It gets boring, both of us agree.  He’ll be glad to go back to school in September with the other kids, but works at his tasks responsibly.  Ben’s preschool experience has been beyond wonderful.  His teachers are helping us learn how to deal with his personality, and tell us he is extremely intelligent.

Kevin shuts himself up in his “office” most mornings to study Portuguese, work on TEE materials, and write sermons.

And then there are the visits – there have been weeks where we have folks for dinner, or are invited for dinner, four or five times!  We are trying to get to know as many people as possible here at this wonderful church.  We have Toby’s boys program at Church monday nights, Community group tuesday night, Portuguese tutoring Wednesday night, and visits with people every weekend.

I began in March to see a chiropractor who was an hour away, so spent several weeks driving twice a week to those appointments (more on that in another post), plus a tuesday morning bible study which I enjoyed a lot but have not been able to go as much as I’d like.

So, that’s how we passed most of March and April.  Good times, peaceful times, yet full of wondering as to how God would provide for our support, our needed travels to see people, scheduling, resolving my back pain, and providing the items we want/need to take back with us.  And now, in May, we can say he is providing like crazy!!!  More on that in other posts.

Spring has sprung here now  and there are such lovely flowers everywhere, including in the trees, and the green grass and leaves are especially sweet to us since we know that soon we’ll be back in dusty, dirty Nampula.  Where God calls, He provides what we need.   – Cami