Toby turns Nine!

Toby turned nine years old on April 25th.  Rather a shock for his parents, because ten is next!  He has had a difficult year in some ways, with adjusting to a whole new life here in America. There have been ups and downs with loneliness and with always being “the new kid”, but there have also been  tons of fantastic, unforgettable experiences (like hiking up to the Hollywood sign in LA, snorkeling in Hawaii, going to a Yankees game, seeing the Statue of Liberty, digging an ice cave out of a snowbank in Connecticut, cutting down a Christmas tree, driving an ATV around the farm, carving pumpkins, making gingerbread houses, and playing on a soccer team in the fall and then again in the Spring.

One of the things I love about Toby is that he is always a pleasure to do things with.  He’s been that way since he was a baby, and enjoys new places and experiences so much that you want to plan things just to experience the delight with him!  We’ve enjoyed our visits to the planetarium this year, aquariums and museums, hikes in the woods and playdates with little friends.  When he left his school in the fall, all the kids on his bus signed a card for him and when he returned to his school in February for a one-hour visit, he was surrounded by his classmates, delighted to see him.

The challenges of this year have given him a lot more emotional ups and downs that we’ve previously seen in his life, and the temporary nature of most of the things in his life this year have been hard for him.  He is looking forward to returning to Mozambique and his friends  – the friends who understand the kind of life he leads.  For his birthday, we had a cake at the family Easter celebration, and did some small special things on the day. Later this month, he’ll go on a special guy’s night out with two friends he’s made here in Fairfield.

Toby loves reading, and continues to do well at soccer, bike riding, and entertaining his younger brother with all kinds of adventures.  We thank God for him! – C