Getting there!

During this year, we’ve always planned to return to Mozambique in early July.  And that is still the plan.  However, we can’t return until our monthly support pledges total 100% of what we need.  At this point, we are around $600 short of pledges per month.  SO, what do we do?  We wait.

We’ve been here before, in years past, and haven’t handled it so well.  We’ve written letters to every church in the local phone book, sent pleading newsletters, felt stressed and upset.  Those things don’t help.  God provides when HE is ready for us to go.

In each of those situations where we were delayed for lack of funds, there was a reason for it, and we saw that reason clearly as time went by.  So, we’ll wait to see what God’s plan is for us this time.  Will he bring in the support we need and send us out in mid-July (to return in time before our visas expire), or does He have some reasons to keep us here in the USA a little longer?  We just don’t know.

Of course, by the beginning of June we need to know whether we are buying tickets or not, so a decision will have to be made by then.  We’ll keep you posted and meanwhile we continue to make preparations.  There will be a lot of visiting going on in June, in various locales, and we’ll get to see some of you in person!  We appreciate your prayers for us, for peace while we wait, and trust in God’s perfect plan. – C