Back Surgery

Well, many of you have read repeatedly in our newsletters that “Cami is having back pain” and asking for prayer.  This has been going on for 3 1/2 years and I’ve tried so many things to alleviate it.  The pain has ranged from soreness to being almost unable to move, but it has been pretty constant the whole time.  Being in northern Mozambique, no real help was to be found and when I finally flew out to South Africa in February of 2010 to see a doctor I was told I just needed to strengthen my core muscles.  I worked assiduously at this, and on our return to the USA in July, began physiotherapy and a strenuous program of exercise to strengthen.  Nothing really helped, and after seeing a chiropractor in March and April, was finally sent for an MRI in mid-April.  The neurosurgeon I saw told me that I had a very badly herniated disc, and surgery was done the next week.  He found that it was an “old” injury and that this has been the problem the entire 3 1/2 years with surgery the only option to fix it.

So, to make a long story long, I had a laminectomy 2 weeks ago and there is every expectation that things will heal up fine.  They had to remove a lot of disc, and I have been warned that it will take some months, even up to a year, for the scar tissue to completely cover the hole and prevent more disc material from protruding.  Driving on rough roads is forbidden for 3 months at least.  I would appreciate your prayers as we travel during much of June, and then plan to return to Moz in mid-July.  Once we fly into Nampula, I’ll have to stay put for awhile, and then be careful.  A physiotherapist is helping me to address some disc issues so that we can prevent a reoccurance.  I am SO thankful for the hope of returning to Moz pain-free!  God provided a wonderful surgeon and physical therapist.  Now, we pray for wisdom for me as it is hard for me to “not do” when there are things to do.  I appreciate your prayers. – C