Benjamin turns five!

Our Benjamin turned five last week, and though it was a little sad for mom, everyone else was totally thrilled.  🙂  On the day of his birthday, we spent the afternoon at a children’s museum, where Ben enjoyed “saving the rainforest” repeatedly and playing in the water room.  Afterwards, we all went out to dinner at a hibachi and it was fun to see the boys faces as fire leapt into the air and the chef tossed knives around.

A few days after Ben’s birthday, we had a family party where everyone came dressed as a superhero.  Ben, of course, was Ben MacDyver.  This is a superhero that Ben has invented and who has all kinds of superpowers.  He is a combination of many other superheroes, and it is endlessly interesting to hear about him. Here is a photo of Ben standing next to the “pin the letter on the superhero game”. He had a superman cake and ran around saving things all evening – it was so cute!

Ben has had a happy year here in America.  He has been home with mom, dad, grammie and grandpa for most of the time (when we are not traveling) and has been thriving with all the attention.  He continues to enjoy playing by himself with rescue hero toys, superheroes and cars.  His latest craze is star wars, though he’s only seen the first movie.  He is a friendly little guy, and goes around introducing himself to everyone at the churches we visit.  That incredible will of his rears its head now and then, but overall he is a much better-behaved child than he was even a year ago.  He is so pleasant to talk to and loves to cuddle and kiss, much to mommy’s joy.  He and his older brother play together quite frequently, and generally do well and are very imaginative.  Despite his exuberance and courage, we find that he is still unwilling to get on a bike and is not very interested in sports.  He enjoys playing with small pieces of things and making “setups” and we wonder if he will be an engineer!  He begins his first day of preschool tomorrow, and we look forward to seeing him grow and learn in the year to come, as he continues to bring us joy and a great deal of laughter. We have been learning scripture with sign language lately, and he amazes us in his abilities! -c